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My Therapy

My Perspective

I enjoy working with people. I believe that as human beings, we are all seeking a balance between managing our responsibilities and commitments to others while maintaining a nurturing connection with ourselves and those important to us.

Model of Therapy

I support the ideas that:

The relationship we have with ourselves is extended into our relationships with others.

Through our relationships with others we figure out our relationship with ourselves.

Relationships are opportunities to discover more about and celebrate ourselves.

Life becomes unsatisfying when we get stuck in our old injuries and our issues are then prompted to play themselves out in relationships.

Old relationships can be nurtured, developed and healed.

Process of Therapy

Are you seeking a more productive, fulfilling life?

          Do you want deeper connections with relationships in your life?

                                                       Wanting to get unstuck in your current situation? 

I will join with you to transcend, heal, and get beyond old and possibly ineffective patterns of interaction that interfere with you achieving fulfilling relationships. I use a variety of invitations to help you connect with yourself and then with others. I invite you to go beyond just the story and join issues that arise in the moment, keeping the focus on self and taking responsibility for what you can change. 

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